Suvarna Turmeric 100%

Pure Suvarna turmeric powder

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is one of the important spice crops grown in India since times immemorial.

The Turmeric Powder, manufactured by us, made from premium quality turmeric which is procured from the best cultivators and retail vendors from all over India & Across World.

Suvarna Turmeric

Quality Attribute

Curcumin - 4.0%

Oleoresin - 13.5%

Essential oil - 7.0%

Turmeric of commerce is the dried underground rhizome, valued for its deep yellow colour and pungent aromatic flavour due to the presence of colouring matter „curcumin‟ and an volatile oil „termerol‟.

Special characteristics

A high yielding, short duration turmeric with deep orange coloured rhizome.

 It is also an important condiment which finds a unique place in culinary arts and as colouring agent in textile, food, confectionary, cosmetics and drug industries, of late in the preparation of anticancer medicines. Turmeric is being largely grown in India,

Packaging and its details

(a) For exports
Packaging is normally done in clean gunny bags and it should be polythene laminated gunny bags
(b) For domestic markets
For domestic markets, turmeric are packed in gunny bags and jute sacks.

Turmeric variety is known for its high curcumin percentage which stands at a staggering 7-12%. The average curcumin percentage is usually 2-3% which can go to about 5% in some turmeric varieties. It is grown naturally without the use of any chemical fertilizers and the farmers indulge in sustainable farming practices for the cultivation of this special turmeric variety

Used in almost every Indian kitchen, this golden spice offers more than just vibrancy and aroma to every dish. It is used in other fields such as medicine, cosmetics, and even traditional home remedies.

Pure Suvarna Turmeric Powder