VYAPINI FOODS INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Spices & Herbs Manufacturing Companies in India. Vyapini Spices, Herbs & Foods is based on purity and fresh ingredients .They choose their product after always prioritizing the quality of R & D

Vyapini food industries are continuously growing and targeting their reach to new markets. We need state-specific distributors around the country to assist in our expansion plans.

Our journey has started as a partnership firm processing foods and spices. We provide spices and food items to rural and urban areas. Our customer always likes our ingredients, they always like first our spices and foods then other brands, then we decided to start as a company, we can spread our foods and spices in India and abroad Huh.

Vyapini Foods Industries Private Limited’s founders & Director has 20 years + experience in spices manufacturing.

Vyapini Spice & Foods is based on purity and fresh ingredients. They choose their product after always prioritizing the quality of R & D.

We are constantly growing and targeting our reach to new markets. We always make new varieties of spices, which are based on customer needs. We need state-specific distributors across the country to assist in our expansion plans. Vyapini has a strong distribution network in the rural and urban domestic market. Which sells products like Vyapini Masala, Vyapini has always tried to bring new food products and flavors.


INNOVATION & ACHIEVEMENTS: He wanted to bring a product that was easy to drink and beneficial. Which prevents many diseases along with arthritis and is tasty and fragrant, which they can easily include in their daily routine. After that the company started research in his guidance to create a new product, with emphasis on survey, in-depth study of many drugs and analysis of tea varieties and formulation of best method so that its demand along with diagnosis is maintained in the market. Can it which will help in the expansion of the company’s currency reserves, thereby taking the company to the highest peak of success.

GIVEN SOLUTION : Drink 3 cups Mileage Star Anti-Arthritis Green Tea (Combination of 31 herbs) daily for 6 months and get relief from diseases- improves the immune system, prevention of arthritis, lowering of blood sugar, analgesic effect, Gastro-protective effect Improves cholesterol level, muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness and function, especially in hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and back.

He promotes goods health through use of Herbs, spices & Tea. He shares stories of the things happening in the agriculture and food processing industry. He travels all around in the country understanding the existent sales and distribution model. He applied local knowledge with international experience.  He always promotes of quality of Herbs, spices, Tea and foods.