Dried Ginger

When fresh ginger is sun-dried it becomes dry ginger. Dried ginger is powdered and used in gravies, marinades and tea. Ginger is known for its medicinal properties. If ginger is unpeeled and then dried, it is called brown ginger. As opposed to this, if it is peeled and dried, then it is called white ginger. We pack the ginger in jute bags. We can also customise the packing on buyer request. Dried Ginger is nothing but fresh ginger which undergoes a drying process before being used. The fresh rhizomes are soaked in water overnight after which the outer peel is carefully removed using a knife or a peeler. They are washed again and then sun dried on mats or barbecues for around a week. During this period, they are turned periodically. The end result is a pale white dried ginger.

Origin & Month

  • India origin: February & March
  • Nigeria Origin: October & November

Specifications of dried Ginger


Dry ginger




Light Brown


1 to 2%


6 to 9 %max


1 % & 2% Max


1 X 20 Feet Container 12 Mt


25,50 Kg Jute Bags

Minimum Order Quantity

1 X 20 Ft Container(12mt)

Moisture Content

6-9% maximum

Modes of Transportation

Sea Freight or Air Freight


Dry Ginger


98% & 99%

Ash Content


Oil Content

1 to 2 % Max

Payment Terms

Tt & 100% Irrevocable Lc At Sight

Delivery Time

10 To 15 Days

Unit Price

Per Ton


  • 25 kgs jute bags OR as per buyer’s requirement (Dried ginger whole)
  • 25/50 Kgs or As per buyer’s requirement (Dried ginger powder)